McCain’s 21st century economic challenge: Battling ISIS, radicalism with jobs, opportunity

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The ISIS emblem

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said the 21st century’s greatest economic and political challenge might be finding opportunities, jobs and replacements for young Muslim men drawn to ISIS and various other militant groups.

“We’ve got to already know what’s motivating these young people,” McCain said at worldwide trade and improvement forum at Arizona Say University in Tempe Monday along along with ASU President Michael Crow, former Arizona congressman Jim Kolbe and Intel Foundation chairwoman Shelly Esque.

McCain said the U.S. didn’t expect the rise of radical Islam and acknowledged higher unemployment and economic instability have actually made political vacuums and discouraged firm investment.

“It’s the challenge of the 21st century,” McCain said at the ASU forum position on by the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition.

But McCain is encouraged by the election of brand-new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and hopes for improved trade along with the world’s largest democracy.

India was the state’s 25th largest export market in 2013 along with $103 million worth outgoing trade, according to the U.S. Commercial Service. McCain said Modi, that simply visited the U.S., is poised to ease India’s notorious bureaucracies and tariffs and that will certainly suggestions trade.

Crow and Esque additionally pointed to Intel and Arizona State’s deepening economic ties along with Vietnam as a favorable worldwide example.

Intel has actually fabrication plants in Chandler However has actually grown its engineering and assembly footprints in Vietnam.

Crow said ASU has actually opened an office in Ho Chi Minh City. Esque said ASU and Intel have actually changed the means engineers are trained there, carrying out much more instruction on the ground rather than having them come to the U.S.

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Newly adopted dog goes missing same day as former foster mother’s memorial

Trace, a newly-adopted dog, is lost in the New River, AZ area, after slipping away from his brand-new house last night, Saturday, October 5, 2014. Trace was adopted out a week ago, from the Luv of Dogz Fund rescue, is a shy dog, and despite the fact that he has actually been spotted several times, every time he has actually been scared off, hampering rescue attempts.

The rescue is asking for anybody in the brand-new River location to preserve an eye out for him, and report sightings to Kendra at 480-747-4121 and Art at 480-747-0310. He initially went refusing from the 49th Avenue and Kastler Lane location of brand-new River.

Trace, a Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix, is around 50 pounds, tan. He is wonderful along with various other dogs and loves children, however takes a little time to warm up to adults – so if spotted, be cautious regarding approaching. He is not a danger to people, however can easily and will certainly be easily spooked – possibly driving your man farther from the area.

Described as sweet-natured, Trace has actually endured some upheaval recently. Tragically, Trace’s foster mother, Kasey Covey, passed away on Friday, September 26, 2014, flanked by her foster dogs:

The evening she passed, firefighters and her sister located her in bed along with a foster pet dog on each edge of her protecting her as she had protected them.

Kasey had currently established an appointment for Trace to comply with his adopters that Saturday, September 27th, so among the Luv of Dogz Fund members took Trace to comply with them and finalized his adoption.

Trace has actually just been in his adoptive house one week, and escaped the exact same day of his foster mother’s memorial service, October 4th. Please circulate his article and let’s recommendations Trace discover his means house again!

For anybody refusing a pet, please consider these Lost puppy Resources:

T-Mobile shows off three new devices this week at Phoenix Fashion Week (Video)

Kay Quinn, a T-Mobile local director, shows off the brand-new Samsung machines on display this weekend break at Scottsdale Fashion week.

Tech-savvy fashionistas attending Phoenix Fashion Week today and Saturday have actually a opportunity to inspect out 3 brand-new machines not yet out on the market thanks to T-Mobile and Samsung.

T-Mobile is an official sponsor of the three-day fashion event’s Design Villa at Talking Stick Resort. The final runway prove to will certainly be Saturday night.

The Bellevue, Washington-based mobile communications firm has actually established a pop-up save along with charging stations, a Wi-Fi hotspot and several wearable machines and products to attempt out, including portable charging devices, small waterproof speakers and Bluetooth devices.

“We’re the hotspot for the week so everyone’s mobile machines can easily stay connected and charged,” said Kay Quinn, T-Mobile’s local director. “You’ve got to have actually a quick network providing several data in an area love this.”

Two Samsung phablets and a practical watch are the products on display that have actually yet to be launched.

The Samsung Gear S smart watch is a stand-alone, connected watch that doesn’t necessity a cellphone to work. The next-generation wearable device will certainly prolong the smartphone experience to the user’s wrist.

It has actually a 2-inch curved super active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display screen along with 3G network connectivity that allows users to inspect voicemail, text, make a phone call, stream music and of course, tell time. The watch has actually an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, heart fee monitor and GPS capabilities.

“It’s the initial smart watch permanently connected free of the necessity of a practical phone,” Quinn said. “It has actually interchangeable bands, in multiple colors and shapes, including a Swarovski-crystal band that will certainly be offered for the fashion-conscious.”

Hayley Ringle covers technology and startups for the Phoenix Company Journal.

The Aquabats celebrate 20 years of being completely awesome

It was 20 years ago this summer that several musicians in Huntington Beach, California, had a funny thought. They wanted to spoof the local punk scene, and earned cracks out loud regarding placing on a performance to counter the mosh pit mayhem and snarling styles of bands love Bad Religion, developing post-punk along with a polite smile.
“We were beach bums going versus the grain,” says Christian Jacobs, lead singer of the Aquabats, that goes by the stage name MC Bat Commander. “We simply believed it would certainly be funny to go the various other way, talking regarding brushing your teeth and consuming your vegetables. We were going versus hard core punk and rap, all of that sturdy guy stuff.”
Twenty years later, the Aquabats are still dawning their blue comic routine superhero suits, and now the children of their supporters have actually joined the ranks of listeners, especially because of the band’s frequent appearances on the hip children’s TV reveal “Yo Gabba Gabba!” They are a geek squad still, and they have actually been on the road, and even successfully became action heroes for yet another successful kids’ show, “The Aquabats! Super Show!” simply as the comic routine culture tides continued to rise on television and in movies.
“Be freaks and geeks,” he says regarding the band’s creative formula. “Some people would certainly say ‘nerdy.’ It’s a little theatrical. It’s rather silly. Yet we attempt to play our instruments well. It’s very rock’n’roll, brand-new wave, punk, ska, electronic dance music. We love to flex our muscles in our music and I would certainly say it’s very encouraged by Oingo Boingo, the Cars and Devo.”
And if it’s compact, jumpy hijinks in the music, along with songs love “Shark Fighter!” “Poppin’ a Wheelie!” or “Meals Fight on the Moon!” it’s a pop happy celebration sound beamed in from the early 1980s. “The Legend is True!” is brash pre-wave love the Tubes, and Jacobs sounds a little love Fee Waybill. Indeed, the band can easily sincerely rock out and put on a lively reveal for the college crowd looking for simple, self-deprecating fun.
“We don’t demand no thugs,” they sing, “unless those thugs was givin’ out hugs.” One listener commented that the bands songs sound love they were written by the “most awesome eight-year-old.”
On stage, strange comic villains jump out between the songs, only to be defeated by the most up to date superheroes. It’s a tight league of gentlemen. The band hasn’t had a modification in members for 10 years and still features its original bassist, Crash McLarson, as well as keyboardist Jimmy the Robot, drummer Ricky Fitness and guitarist Eagle “Bones” Falconhawk. All of them are only familiar as guys in scuba suits, big belts and faux goggles.
The whole concept has actually become much less ridiculous as the years have actually worn on, along with the band on a few occasions finding some setbacks in terms of failing tape labels, music business people that didn’t get hold of the concept, and the relentless pursuit of a reveal that incorporated original “Batman”-style TV satire. They have actually proven any type of doubters wrong. “The Aquabats! Super Show!” eventually aired, Jacobs says, after they tried to get hold of it going for a decade. It went on to play for an extended period on the Hub cable network. Then, after earning a Daytime Emmy Award, it was canceled. Yet the reveal still goes on; lots of of the episodes are available on Netflix and
Jacobs, that grew up in the entertainment business as a kid actor and auditioned for a role in “E.T.,” has actually shown a determined knack for keeping an eye on the long term.
“It’s reveal business and the Aquabats aren’t a prototypical reveal biz act,” he says. “We aren’t as sexy as ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’ To a few of the people in the industry, it was hard to understand. We were love Tim Robbins in ‘The Hudsucker Proxy.’ It constantly feels love we are holding a piece of paper along with a circle on it saying, ‘Look, it’s actual simple.’ “
What’s inside that circle?
“Fun, fast, crazy music,” he says. “A big party, controlled anarchy.”
The unexpected has actually been known to come in once the working parts, such as frequent interruptions in the form of monsters, appear to have actually costume mishaps. Jacobs takes them in stride.
“Outfits have actually fallen off people’s heads, stuff love that,” he says. “By design, if something tanks or is type of jinky, it’s funny. love along with that moment in ‘Spinal Tap,’ we have actually constantly planned for Stonehenge type of moments. It simply enhances the ratings, so to speak. If we can easily get hold of people laughing at us, that’s great.”
That’s the place for the Aquabats, says Jacobs … um, The Commander, “on the landscape of pop culture,” as comfortable on a kids’ reveal as on the Warped Tour, turning the exclamation point in to a form of musical notation.

The Aquabats at the awesome heights of their super powers.
The Aquabats at the awesome heights of their super

Flooded out businesses, property owners can get SBA loans

Alfred Armstrong

Parts of Tempe were submerged in the September floods.

Business and property owners that were damaged by tape-record rainfall and flooding on Sept. 8 can easily grab low-interest disaster loans from the U.S. Little Firm Administration.

The SBA approved Gov. Jan Brewer’s disaster status application for Maricopa, Pinal, Pima, Gila, Yuma, Yavapai and Yuma counties after the storms deluged the claim location very early last month.

Businesses and nonprofits can easily grab low-interest loans of up $2 million to fix or switch out damaged property and equipment. Homeowoners can easily grab loans up to $200,000 and renters up to $40,000, according to the SBA.

The storm poured as considerably as 5 inches of rain on Section for the Valley establishing an all-time record.

The state’s 11-member congressional delegation likewise wrote the SBA backing Brewer’s request.

“This will certainly allow Arizona businesses and family members to rebuild adhering to the recent flooding that caused considerable damage to our community,” said U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz.

The SBA is establishing up help facilities along with loan counselors in Phoenix, Mesa and Glendale.

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