Dish Network looking to hire 150 in Phoenix

Dish Network LLC (Nasdaq: DISH) is looking to hire 1fifty percent brand-new customer solution staff members at its conversation focus in Ahwatukee.

Dish currently has actually 825 staff members at the Phoenix center, according to a business spokeswoman.

The satellite television provider will certainly hold an open home on December 3 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. with regard to task seekers.

The Valley has actually explored a lot of business hiring with regard to call focus jobs consisting of Humana, Xerox, USAA and Cox Communications.

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Justice for the Gilbert 23: MCSO report released; the Hugheses plead not guilty

“Sonny merely died.”

Three straightforward words. However loaded along with meaning. Those 3 words were sent via text from Logan Flake to Jesse Todd Hughes at 10:17 a.m. on June 20, 2014.

The significance behind this text? 10:17 a.m. is about 5 hrs after Logan and her husband, Austin Flake, allegedly woke up and found that the 20+ dogs in their care, at Green Acre puppy Boarding, were dead or dying.

Nearly 5 hours. Sonny was sick, dying, for 5 long hours, and the Flakes never ever contacted a veterinarian, never ever attempted to take your man to a clinic, never ever called emergency services.

This ruthless detail is merely among the heart-wrenching pieces of article that has actually been earned public along with the launch of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department Report on October 29, 2014.

The Flakes, along along with Logan’s parents, Todd and MaLeisa Hughes, have actually been indicted on multiple felony counts and misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals, along along with one felony Matter of fraudulent schemes and artifices (versus the Hugheses) in the deaths of the “Gilbert 23” dogs that perished on their watch. On October 29th, the Hugheses pled not guilty to those charges, and will certainly be spine in court for their first pretrial conference on December 17, 2014, according to the Maricopa County Attorney’s website. The Flakes will certainly be arraigned on November 13, 2014 and will certainly enter their plea on that date.

The families of the Gilbert 23 have actually likewise filed a civil match versus the Flakes and the Hugheses in September, which is still in its early phases.

The wheels of justice are still rolling for the Gilbert 23 – thanks largely to a dedicated and vocal community of animal-lovers that will certainly not permit the matter remainder and have actually insisted on the prosecution of the people involved.

“Sonny merely died.”

Sonny deserves justice, every one of the justice that can easily be mustered, despite the fact that it still won’t be close to enough. Won’t be sufficient to delivering the Gilbert 23 spine to life. Won’t be sufficient to comprise for absolutely needless deaths.

Sonny, Cash, Sandy, Maci Lane, Buick, Zed, Carmen, Sherman, Parker, Tonka, Carson, Daisy, Francis, Cloe, Koda, Patrick, Remi, Roxy, Valor, Snickers, Ellie, Happy, Rosie.

You cannot kill the truth. You cannot kill justice. You cannot kill exactly what we are fighting for. — Jean Dominique

Danny Hendon pleads guilty in immigration case, gets prison

Danny’s Family Automobile Wash owner Danny Hendon will certainly offer a year in prison and is being required to sell his firm after he pleaded guilty to knowingly hiring undocumented immigrants.

Danny’s Family Automobile Wash owner and Paradise Valley businessman Danny Hendon has actually been sentenced to a year in federal prison, an additional year of house arrest and has actually to sell his Automobile wash chain after pleading guilty to knowingly employing unauthorized immigrants.

Hendon, 64, likewise has actually to pay a $156,000 fine.

Prosecutors alleged Hendon and Danny’s managers hired undocumented immigrants then rehired them once again along with fake identification after an very first federal investigation.

Hendon has actually been a preferred Arizona businessman and has actually likewise been section of some actual estate deals.

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Valley of the Sun Theosophical Society forum: the soul

The newly formed Valley of the Sun Theosophical Society Study Group has actually announced their very first public forum. The topic of this lecture, question and answer session is, “Calling our souls to service in day-to-day living”, Sunday, November 23, 2014 from 12:30 to 2PM. The forum will certainly be held at Unity Church of Chandler located at 325 N. Austin Dr. in Chandler.

The presenter is David Hopper that has actually been a student of the Ageless Wisdom for over 30 years. He has actually presented to teams expressing various forms of the Wisdom Teachings in Arizona, California, Washington and Russia. Over the years, he has actually been a student of Theosophical teachings to contain Alice Bailey and Blavatsky due to the fact that 1980 too as an instructor at the Moyra Federation.

David, the author of “The soul source- a primer for living as a soul” will certainly explore; just what is the soul and its characteristics, just what is the nature of service, just what are the prerequisites to service, just what is your motivation to serve, exactly how a defined spiritual technique can easily assist you in your service job and others related topics.

David’s timetable spine describes the topic of this forum well. “The standard individual trudges through life never ever understanding or discovering the forces and energies that influence him. The Soul Source provides a behind the scenes check out discovering the nature of these energies and forces driving you and exactly how to transcend your mental and emotional limitations on the course of liberation. From this understanding, you will certainly obtain meaning and purpose to your life. This trip of self-discovery shows you exactly how to produce the intuition, useful techniques for connecting along with your highest nature and discovering the importance of exactly how to align the mental, emotional and bodily nature along with your very own Soul. You will certainly learn concerning the importance of setting up a spiritual technique and exactly how to realize that the yearning for naked truth and advice you feel from within is from your very own Soul. along with this knowledge, your life will certainly become a lot more steady through a routine technique of meditation, the study of spiritual texts, and the technique of selfless service.

The Valley of the Sun Theosophical Society, a member of the Theosophical Society of America, welcomes all of esoteric traditions. You are invited to come and contribute to this public forum too as joining the study group for their discussions and study of Theosophy, including all of esoteric traditions, including however not limited to spirituality, religion, science and the secret teachings of the ages. The group has actually already planned some exciting events for the future. This brand-new study group will certainly offer a brand-new avenue for people searching enlightenment and knowledge of Ageless Wisdom.

The Valley of the Sun Theosophical Study Group would certainly additionally adore to invite you to the webinar on January 11th, 2015 featuring William Meader too as his public lecture on February 19th, 2015 along with all of day workshops on Saturday 21, 2015. William will certainly be giving astrological readings the day of February 19th, 20th, and Sunday the 22nd. The location and times are still in the preparation stages so remain tuned for further information.

If you are curious about attending the forum study group on November 23rd, or others event or routine meetings associated along with the Valley of the Sun Theosophical study group, contact Kathy Manker at

Do a random act of kindness each day, it’s great for the soul and for the world. If you wish to contact the author of this information please visit

Stay tuned and I’ll see you there.

Employers might see new names, IDs from immigrant workers protected by Obama actions

Head of state Barack Obama’s immigration decrees supply businesses better capability to hire a lot more legalized foreign employees and offers them better protections versus office raids also as point out and government laws aimed at companies that hire illegal workers.

companies will certainly likewise notice some brand-new names and identification from immigrant employees that might but now be functioning along with fake identification.

Among Obama’s actions is to permit the spouses of H-1B visa holders to likewise have actually employment legal standing in the U.S.…