McCain: Big banks retreating from border, hurting trade-related businesses

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., desires to already know why Bank of America, JP Morgan Hunt & Co., Wells Fargo and Citigroup are closing branches near the Mexico border.

McCain said today the sizable banks are closing branches and offices in borderlands and that is hurting small businesses and trade-related companies.

“Over the past year, big financial institutions have actually scaled spine their solutions along the border by closing regional branches and instituting a lot of cross-border banking restrictions,” McCain writes in letters to BofA CEO Brian Moynihan, Hunt CEO Jamie Dimon, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf and Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat.

“These actions have actually not just earned it a lot more hard for certain Arizonan entrepreneurs, that own or control cash-intensive businesses, to obtain the essential capital to run those businesses, yet likewise have actually presented brand-new hangups for companies that do firm in the two the United States and Mexico,” McCain said in his letters to the bankers.

Chase, Wells and BofA are the dominant banks in the Arizona — and Phoenix — markets.

“We have actually received Sen. McCain’s letter and are looking forward to responding to the questions he has actually outlined within it,” said Wells Fargo Vice President Danny Ischy.

Representatives from Hunt and Bank of America did not comment.

Bruce Bracker, chairman of of the Higher Nogales Santa Cruz County Port Authority, likewise is worried concerning the banking retreat hurting businesses that do trade along the border.

“along with $14 billion in bilateral trade, Mexico is Arizona’s largest trading partner, yet lots of companies associated with that trade are facing one more challenge in meeting their banking calls for on the border,” Bracker said. “The serious banks are pulling from border communities, leaving an entire firm sector and the total population underserved.”

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September’s Adoptable Dog of the Month – Meet Quincy!

2nd Opportunity Pet Rescue’s Dog of the Month for September came to rescue via an additional 2nd Opportunity Pet amazing field rescue…Diana Czarnecki (2nd Opportunity Pet Rescue‘s founder) and his foster mom, Lindsey Westcott, of This Little Doggie Stayed Home, teamed up to save Quincy from the hot streets of the East Valley this past June. In his foster’s own loving words, here is Quincy’s story:

If you would like to meet Quincy, and see if you are a forever match, please fill out the Adoption Consultation Form at:
If you would certainly like to meet Quincy, and see if you are a forever match, please fill out the Adoption Consultation Form at: Westcott/This Little Doggie Stayed Home/2nd Opportunity Pet Rescue
Quincy would love to meet you!  Fill out an Adoption Form at:
Quincy would certainly love to meet you! Fill out an Adoption Form at: Westcott/This Little Doggie Stayed Home/2nd Opportunity Pet Rescue

“Quincy was spotted living on a vacant lot at the corner of Alma School and the San Tan Freeway…in dangerous traffic, had no access to food, water or shelter and the Valley joined the middle of an extreme heat advisory. After a week of attempting to gain his trust, it was clear that this sweetheart wasn’t going to make it simple to be caught. The odds of his survival weren’t great, so we believed it ideal to humanely trap him. The trap was set at dusk and checked at dark… much to our surprise, a calm little Pet was inside. Turns out the little guy simply couldn’t say no to cheeseburgers. We shone a flashlight at this scared pup and noticed just what we believed to be bleeding from his mouth, so we drove straight to the emergency vet to get hold of checked over and have actually him or her scanned for a chip. We learned two points at that visit: just what we believed was blood, was merely simply the pointer of his little tongue hanging out, which it does everyday and that he joined reality microchipped! Unfortunately, Quincy’s microchip led us to owners that explained that he was no longer wanted. We believe that abandoning him or her was the most effective thing his former people could have actually done for him, because they gave him or her the Opportunity to locate a genuine forever home.

Quincy was absolutely exhausted and broken the very first 24 hours in his foster home, yet once he got some rest and met his foster siblings…he came to life! He absolutely adores various other dogs and hopefully will certainly live in a Residence where he can easily have actually a four-legged friend (or friends). He is incredibly quick learning the ropes of exactly how the whole Residence thing works and is crate and potty trained. Quincy walks excellent on leash, waits patiently for his dishes (yet still inhales them like he’s on the streets), knows all basic commands and runs everyday on the treadmill. Quincy still gets a little fearful of brand-new or challenging points at times, so he would certainly love a Residence along with parents that will certainly not feel sorry for him, yet that will certainly be his strength and guide him or her through life allowing him or her to be the Pet he was meant to be!

Quincy is an absolute doll that loves to learn and lives to please. Quincy hasn’t let his past break his spirit, so we aren’t either! He’s not been about children, yet sudden movements of little ones could be a little too stressful for him or her at this point, so a Residence along with older kids or no kids would certainly be best. He additionally hasn’t met any kitties, so it is unknown exactly how he would certainly fare along with a kitten friend. Quincy has actually the most grateful spirit and is working hard to build his assurance to locate his forever family. He is such a deserving and sweet soul.”

If you would certainly like to meet Quincy, and see if you are a forever match, please fill out the Adoption Consultation Form at:

About 2nd Opportunity Pet Rescue:

2nd Opportunity Pet Rescue is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization, located in Queen Creek, Arizona, dedicated to saving abandoned/abused dogs, and offer them along with shelter and a safe environment so they can easily regain their trust in humanity. We adopt out to loving families located within 50 miles of Queen Creek, Arizona (Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix). If you would certainly like to meet our Adoptable Pet of the Month, or one of various other wonderful pups, please click on this link to fill out an Adoption Consultation form, or send us an email at and we will certainly send you the application via email).

2nd Opportunity spares dogs that otherwise would certainly be left on the streets to fend for themselves or brought to the pound and most most likely placed on the Euthanasia List. Our dogs are very loving and deserve a place to call home. If you are not able to offer one of our dogs a “forever” Residence yet interested in being a foster parent, or would certainly like to sponsor one of our dogs by helping along with their medical /meals please contact us at

The a lot more one gets to know of men, the a lot more one values dogs. ~Alphonse Toussenel

Stingray Sushi hiring for new Chandler location


Stingray Sushi is hiring with a brand-new restaurant in Chandler.

Stingray Sushi is holding a task reasonable with its brand-new area in the Chandler-Ahwatukee area, off Interstate 10 and radiation Road.

From Oct. 7 to 9, Stingray will certainly be interviewing with bartenders, servers, door hosts and hostesses, line cooks, prep cooks, dish washers, barbacks and bussers. The task reasonable will certainly be at the store, located at 900 N. 54th St. in Chandler, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Stingray is preparation on opening up the Chandler area in completion of October.

Stingray just recently closed its very first area in aged Town Scottsdale. It is looking to relocate in to a larger room in aged Town. It has actually others areas in Scottsdale Quarter and Biltmore Fashion Park.

Brandon covers retail, restaurants, hospitality/tourism too aviation, little firm and nonprofits.

Hank III goes back on the road asserting the Hank Williams legacy

Sure, as the grandson of Hank Williams, he’s practically royalty in Tennessee. Yet Shelton Hank Williams, much better known as Hank III (or, Hank3), is making a occupation from disassociating themselves from the comfortable confines of the Nashville sound. Some of his most popular songs serve as assaults versus pop country, and some of his most outspoken comments regard, in general, the so-called scene.
“There are a couple of streaks in Nashville that I’ve had trouble getting along with,” he says. “I believe everyone agrees that pop country has actually stuck about longer compared to anyone wanted it to. I’m not attempting to be a pain. Yet as soon as I get hold of identified along with punk rock and I’m fighting hard to sustain my family roots, it is exactly what it is.”
Williams is bringing his epic, four-hour triple personality show, featuring a two-hour country set, followed by periods of brash electrical impulsivity in the fields of punk and buzzing metal, for a tour across the U.S. This month he is additionally preoccupied along with making sure the country globe knows he’s not happy regarding the method it’s remembering his grandfather.
And it goes beyond attempting to get hold of the late legend, that passed away in 1953, restored in good name at the Grand Ol’ Opry: an ongoing project for Hank III, according to his web site. This month, “exactly what it is” is making it clear he’s upset along with the casting for a film regarding his grandfather titled “I Saw the Light.” He dislikes that a British actor, Tom Hiddleston (ideal known for his portrayal as Loki in “Thor”), Will certainly be playing and singing as Hank Williams, Sr.
“For some reason, that is actually bothering me,” Williams said. “For me it doesn’t actually feel love they took the time and effort for that role regarding an American icon. That’s my biggest concern. They actually didn’t do their homework. Vocally, though, it’s not love I’m being hard on Tom; they are placing him or her in a situation where he’s attempting to learn a southern accent. They requirement someone else out there to make it feel much more real.”
Who does he believe could do a much better job?
Matthew McConaughey, Williams says.
Why does he care so much?
“The only method I know my grandfather is through his music,” says Williams, that was born two decades after his death.
Hank III, the son of Hank Williams, Jr., whose place in the national spotlight derailed after he made decidedly not-politically-right comments offensive enough to get hold of him or her kicked off Monday Night Football’s “Are you prepared for some football?” intro, says he’s not a trouble maker, and doesn’t go in for making political statements. Nor does he endorse exactly what his father did.
Hank III did become the very first country artist to require a parental advisory warning label on an album. His most successful recording on a major label, “Straight to Hell,” needed a censored version to be made prior to it could be released to Wal-Mart. He’s fairly proud of that record, he says throughout his phone interview from Nashville. Yet he additionally says, “I’m an angel boy. I’m a actual drama-free guy. I’m not out to create trouble merely to create trouble.”
What Hank III actually is: a creative force that last year released a country album, “Brothers of the 4X4,” and a punk/metal album, “The Fiendish Threat.” Both reflect his roots, so to speak, due to the fact that throughout the early portion of his occupation Williams tried his hand as a drummer for punk rock bands. Singing love his grandfather merely came naturally. Yet there’s much more to him or her compared to that. It’s quite feasible that those that attend his shows for the country set in the start won’t stick about as soon as the amps are turned up for the punk and metal sets.
“I constantly pay respects to the country portion of myself for two hours,” he says, “then we use this film from ‘Tribulation 99,’ a film by Craig Baldwin, as a backdrop for the power metal, speed metal parts. It’s a little different and it’s not for everyone. I don’t have actually a million rock star moves, Yet I try to include texture to the reveal that adds an additional dimension.”
The performance needs three drummers and a full country/bluegrass-style band featuring expert users of the fiddle, banjo and steel guitar.
In an age as soon as music supporters are one click away from listening to a country ballad, a rock anthem or a symphony on the internet, Hank III is a culturally astute, consumately professional musician that finds it rather basic to jump between genres. Listeners attempting to tune in to the whole package have actually to hang on tight.
“A brand-new fan, or a brand-new enemy,” he says. “It’s merely love art. It’s constantly make and destroy.”

Beetlemania? John McCain wants to deploy bug army to battle drought

Marvin Smit / Wikimedia

Bark beetles

U.S. Sen John McCain, R-Ariz., is a constant fan of troop surges and military action. However now McCain prefers a brand-new sort of troop deployment closer to estate to insight deal along with drought conditions on the Colorado River.

McCain prefers the U.S. government to deploy an army of bark beetles — in particular saltceder beetles — to battle invasive scrub brush and trees.

Heat tolerant tamarisk trees and brush pop up in the Southwest and Colorado River basin and eat as considerably as 200 gallons of water per day, according to McCain.

The Arizona senator said saltcedar tamarisk trees likewise deposit sodium in nearby leading soil.

“I believe that aggressively eradicating saltcedar and subsequently replanting native vegetation is one water method we ought to accelerate now,” McCain said. “Among the a lot more successful and cost-efficient means for eradicating saltcedar has actually been the launch of the saltcedar beetle.”

Those beetles specifically love to chow down on tamarisk trees.

McCain has actually composed the Obama adminstration asking for an army of bark beetles to be place in to action.

He said eradicating the tamarisk and planting native vegetation that consumes much less water could possibly recover as considerably as 273 million gallons of Colorado River water annually.

California and Arizona farmers, huge cities such as Phoenix, Los Angeles and Las Vegas count on Colorado River water.

The river is in the midst of 14-year long, 1,000-year drought that could possibly have actually short-term and long term impacts in the region.

McCain said Colorado River deliveries to Arizona could possibly be impacted within 2 years.

“The say of Arizona – in its fourteenth consecutive year of drought – is bracing for the likelihood that Colorado River water deliveries could possibly be curtailed by 2016,” McCain said.

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